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Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else and I just didn't find it. 

I am currently importing network device config data from a repository instead of directly from the devices.  I would like to generate a report on a regular basis of the network device changes.  I pulled up View Changes and after chugging through considerable data it gave me multiple thousands of rows.  Clicking on each gives me "XXXXX added on 2019-XX-XX XX:XX:XX.XXX", which is all good and fine but doesn't really tell me anything because XXXXX was an existing device on my network two weeks prior to that.

So I figured there must be more information available in the Full Report.  It must just be telling me that it imported a new config for XXXXX at that specific hundredth of a second.  So generating a Full Report of Changes should tell me what those changes were, right?

For the life of me, I can't find anything in the documentation about where to find the Report of Changes.  I looked through the Reports and found the Organization's Network Devices Report in Security Model, but that tells me I have 1500+ devices, what they are, and the import and last change date, along with a Source Timestamp on about two dozen of them. I can run a Best Practice Checks Delta report, but that doesn't really tell me what has changed in the device configs.  I can go to the individual listings for each device, export the config, wait for the next ingest, reepeat step A, and run a Diff on them, but is that really the answer?

RedSeal ingests a full repository of network device configs on a regular basis.  It knows all the changes that have been made.  I feel certain that if I just ask it correctly it will give me that information.  What am I missing?

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