Virtual Appliance - Multiple Interfaces

Is it possible to setup multiple interfaces within the RedSeal CLI?

Objective is to perform Data Collection across multiple networks.

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  • Good question, Craig Allen

    I don't believe you can set up multiple IP's on a single RedSeal instance.  However, quite a few customers use a remote RedSeal instance to gather data in network #2, and duplicate the data it collects back to RedSeal server #1.  (This has several advantages - for example, device #2 in network #2 can run Assisted Modeling, discovering the scope of network #2 on its own, without needing a lot of extra configuration.)

    In the current shipping product, this is done via Federation - see the Plugins guide.  (In an upcoming release there will be some enhancements, and the name will change, I believe to "Multi-Server Transport".)

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  • An additional query I have on this topic is 'Can a RedSeal appliance handle failover with dual connectivity on a single box? - our customer here is a large Telco and have this stipulated as SOE for production Server enironments should one of the switches fail. Understandably this can be achieved within ESX for the VM image but wondering how this plays out on the RedSeal appliance?

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