Wanted to throw this question out to the group.  Mapping takes a huge amount of time in our organization. Everytime I do a Data collection (which currently I have 60 something) it throws the map out of wack.  Is there a way for the devices as they are imported stay in the zones\groups that we have created for them and in a logical distance from the router.  Totally understand that Redseal assigns a unique number to every instance when it gets imported in but saying that does not help the users as we have to spend X amount of time trying to fix our map before we show it to the decision makers.  Seems there has to be a simpler solution especially as we move toward the Web UI there should me some way to fix this.  Right now it is a huge time waster and I only ever do it when I have to brief it.

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  • Tony, the devices shouldn't move out of the groups, but new objects will land outside of all groups. Is this what you're seeing? Or are objects that were in a group being removed on import?
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  • To build on Steve's comments ... when a config is imported into RedSeal, the system compares the incoming config with the set of configs already in the system, and determines if it's an "Updated" version of something that has already been imported, or if it's a "New Device" to be added to the system.

    All "Updates" replace things exactly where they are, in terms of both Group Membership, and Topo x:y locations.

    All "New Devices" come in with NO Topo Group Membership, and an automatically assigned x:y location.

    This same basic logic applies to Subnets, which are created from Device Interface definitions.

    You can select an individual Device in the Topo, then the HISTORY tab in the lower right, and inspect the
    ACTION column for details of when the Device was CREATED in the model, vs. when it was UPDATED (or UNCHANGED).

    Related information of this nature is included in the DATA IMPORT - IMPORT STATUS - DETAILS pane, with indicators for "added", "no modifications", etc.


    Net net, when a Device is UPDATED, both the Device, and it's connected Subnets should NOT be changing either Topo Group Membership, nor Topo x:y locations.

    If you see this, please contact RedSeal Support for assistance.

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  • My point (which I did not explain very well I guess)  yes when you see something new it pops in outside of the assigned zone.  But two items. When doing a "add to topology group" or "Pick up and move" and placing it into the zone the zone stretches out blowing the map away.  So then you have to go into the zone and do a "pickup selection" and move it close to the router.  Basically I have the move the device twice to get the map to usable.  I keep all my zones in collapsed view (Sean I know you hate that) so that it speeds up the response time.  If I keep all my groups uncollasped it takes me to long to work.  My point is when I move it I want the zone to "static" not "Dynamic" so that it does not blow my map away and/or redseal does a logical query that if this "subnet" is associated with this router and switch then it should belong in that zone, never appearing outside the zone.  This will speed the analyst up with less clicks overall.  Does that make sense.  I would send you some screenshots of what I am talking about but I just moved my unclass Redseal appliance into our new datacenter and it is not hooked up right now.  Sorry

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  • Ah! Yes, this is one of those things that is more difficult to get right in the code/UI than it might seem! One of the issues is the impact on other clients, and the way the client and server communicate.

    One option: instead of using those two functions (Pick up and Move or Add to Topology Group), shift-drag them into the group. Doing this will keep the rest of the group as it was.

    I have reported the behavior of changing the other items as a bug/RFE and will check on its status.

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  • Okay shift-drag, this is the first I have heard of this.  Please explain.

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  • Happy to!

    When you have a selection of one or more objects, you can move them into a group by shift-dragging them into the group and dropping them there. From the Users Guide:

    To create a topology group, do one of the following:

    • select items you want in the group, in either the map or the tree at the left, right click in an empty region in the map, and select Add to Topology Group from the floating menu that opens

    •right click in an empty region of the map and select New Topology Group from the floating menu that opens

    You can also add objects—including other groups—into an existing group by selecting them in the map (or surrounding them in a selection rectangle) then shift-clicking and dragging the icons into the group (destination group must be expanded, not collapsed.) 

    Hope that helps!

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  • Oh I do that by just created a box and pulling them in.  Did not know the shift-drag was the same function.  So as we are talking about unmapped hosts.  I tried your report but there is no field for the host IP but only the Host name.  One of the things I tried to offset with was by manually adding the Unmapped Hosts to the group I know they belong in (we have specific host naming conventions) but that did not work either.  Trying to do a Gap analysis off this is crazy because I have to look at each one and nail down the subnet.  And since I cant assign it to the specific group that I know it is in I have to run spate reports.  I should be able to assign it to the zone and then do an export directly from hosts tab.  If it is unmapped he should have nothing but the Host name in (and hopefully IP).  that way when I send it to the Tier support to find out the configs it is an easy report vice all this work I am doing.

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  • Tony, I'm going to copy your comment into the other thread and respond there...

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