Redseal first time

Hello people,

I'm new employee in my organization, the guy who is responsible on redseal is in vacation. he gave me the credentials for redseal client   app. we do have VM that runs redseal 8.4. 


So, am trying to access redseal GUI. inputs are > host address + username + password. 

I get popup window that says cannot connect to login server. I checked the log and found that there is java I/O exception { connection refused to " IP Address " } 


Any Idea 



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  • what is need it, if ican reset redseal server password and its default username. Thanks 

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  • What is your exact RedSeal version? 8.4.2? If lower than 8.4.2 then ensure your Java version on your client is JRE8 u144 or higher. Also ensure that you add RedSeal IP into your trusted sites/exceptions list in your "java console" configuration on local machine. Ensure the address added into exceptions list is as such: https://x.x.x.x/ where x.x.x.x is your server IP. Ensure the "/" is added after IP because Java will use that to "include all sub directories". Can you log into the server using the cliadmin account? if so , you can reset the uiadmin GUI account. This can be found in the redseal user guide or the installation/admin guide.

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  • I haven't try to log into the server using the cliadmin account, I'll do thanks for your help !

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