Webserver has to be restarted too much

Has anyone seen that connecting via the UI grows stale and the web server has to be restarted almost daily? It seems when I launch the client and try to log in I am able to put my credentials into the login window but it just churns and never logs in, I have to log into the cli window and shutdown the web server and restart. If someone has seen this or has a fix please let me know.


thank you

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  • Interesting issue, Paul.

    I'm not familiar with any reports of symptoms like this that result from the server just being up for too long - many customers leave their server up for months, without getting wedged.  However, I have heard of reports of problems like "my analysis is particularly difficult, and if it's running when I come in, first thing in the morning, I won't be able to log in until the load on the machine goes down".  If it's something like that, I'd suggest opening a support case so that we can ask you to upload logs, and we can look into what might be causing the excessively high load.

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  • Hi Mike, no its not something like that but its very strange that with the client I put my credentials in and it seems to just hang there trying to login. Its not until I restart the server (not physical) that I am able to log in with no issues. There is one other issue that we used to have the import grab data automatically but something has changed to where I have to manually kick off the import. Any ideas on that?

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  • I think I resolved the issue with the import working. I had to open up the scheduled task and hit save again without changing anything and now it seems the imports are working at the scheduled time. I will let the client login hang there until hopefully it errors. Then I will have more to go on with the logon issue

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  • Mike, I let the system run without logging in over the weekend. I tried to login this morning and the client opens up and I put the credentials in and I am presented with the logging in.... on the bottom task bar but nothing happens. Would you know the context to grab the log file for the server without having to go through days of data?

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  • Hi, paul rene 

    I'm shooting from the hip a little on this one - if you didn't already open a support case, I would definitely recommend doing that, since our support folks can step through debugging procedures and, if necessary, escalate to development.

    One way we can help to focus the search in the logs is to add stack backtraces.  This is a button you can hit in the same GUI dialog box you use to fetch the logs.  However, please note that these backtraces only tell you what the server proper was doing at the time you hit the button.  You originally mentioned that you find you have to restart just the web server - not the main server process, or the whole box.  This means it's hard to tell whether the server is the part that is getting stuck on something.

    It remains a mysterious symptom - I definitely keep multiple systems up for weeks or months at a time, and I never see the freeze in the midst of login at the point you are describing.  I generally find I either have some critical network connectivity missing - so login cannot work at all, and fails quickly - or the server will eventually proceed to show the main GUI window.

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  • paul rene 

    Are you using certificate authentication? I have a support ticket in right now because we have intermittent issues with certificate login; other wise no logon issues reported using user/pass when we do use them.

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