different API queries for IPs vs set subnets

We are building a web site for people to run detailed path queries from RedSeal without having an individual account on RedSeal.  The site will have its own set of credentials for RedSeal.  The area we are having an issue with is making sure that the IP or subnet that the user wants to check a path to or from is in the RedSeal server or that they choose the correct subnet.


So the question is, are there different queries to:

·      find out what subnet a certain IP is in?;

·      and if a certain, precise subnet is in the RedSeal server?


The issues we have that make this unique are:

·      We have overlapping subnets due to VRFs and multiple networks in our servers.

·      We also have duplicate subnets that we have had to split within RedSeal

·      Sometimes our users may be looking for a certain subnet ( that we don’t have it in our server.  We don’t want the system to associate with a subnet that we have with the request for the /25 in the server.

·      If a users is looking for, and we have the /24 and the /25 in our server, our users should be able to see both and choose which one they want.

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