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under Tools\Topology rules in 8.2.0 is there a way to import a CSV, xls, etc. directly into the rulesets.  Here as in most DOD organization we use excel as our IP Management or SW IPAM as our IP Management toolset.  Currently I have to go thru every Subnet and assign it in the Topology ruleset so when I do new imports they are located in the zones without making the map go crazy but I was wondering is there a way to just import them all in from a CSV or XML.  This would be huge because the excel already has all the zones, devices and subnets in there.

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  • One more thing Redseal already can already export all the subnets from the Topology map so we should be able to just take that export and inport it directly in the Topology ruleset.  Everything will already be zoned and subnets assigned so to easy

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  • Bryan and Anthony,

    If you look at Chapter 15 of the Users Guide, it will give you the formatting for creating your CSV files.  One problem I faced in a Windows environment was the extra formatting that Microsoft adds to the file.  You have to save the files as pure UTF-8 format, where Microsoft only likes to use UTF-8-BOM.  I created a short Python script which takes two files, a list of what the Groups names will be and a list of the devices, and generates the CSV for me.  In our case the Device names start with the what we use for the Group name, so I just match them up to add the lines to the file.  You can create you own View this way, or add Groups to a current View, to include the existing "Topology" view.  I have successfully created usable CSV files on MAC and Linux platforms to use importing them from the RedSeal GUI on a Windows box.


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  • Okay I think I need to call someone on this!  But saying that here is an idea to import topology groups for the greater group.  You guys released a CMDB SQL plugin which talks to pretty much any DB.  The initial point of this question was to inject CSV directly into Topology with the naming conventions and zones already mapped in CSV format by Subnet.  I have created a Access Database from my initial Transport CSV that has all the locations and zones (and oh so much more) that I actually export Subnets directly from Redseal into the DB and cross correlate that data with locations, Tiers, CSSD and Tiers.  Can I use the CMDB plugin to re import the zones into the Topology with the Zones.  Way forward the command is actually using my database to build a API interface with a SQL Database back end to track all the fields I want that is pulling data fields directly from a Circuit Accreditation document.  They then will put this to a layered Globe tied to AD for IP map relationship to IP Mapping (SO COOL!!!!) but that is more later and I will probably share it at the Intra-Agency workgroup next month.

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