Creating a port specific report with RedSeal

I am trying to figure out the best way to search RedSeal db for list of specific network devices listening on a unique port. Can someone post an example or steps to setup this report please?

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  • Interesting question, Sini

    I can think of a few ways, but it depends on what exactly you want to find.

    If we want "all routers configured to accept telnet", we might use a custom BPC to look for some specific syntax on a box.  (There's also a quick "search for devices with particular config content".)

    If we want "all endpoints/hosts with a listening web server", that's different - a dynamic group might work there, based on looking for some software.

    If we want "any network device that can be accessed from outside", an Access query might be the way to go.  That might also work for "any parts of my network that I allow TCP port x into".

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  • Hi Mike Lloyd ,


    Thanks for a quick response. I was trying to figure out creative ways to search for devices listening on port 4786 to detect Cisco Smart Install Protocol. I've used the port, Role: Client (SmarInstall enabled) and searched through config content and "vstack". It might be easier to write up a custom best practice with other options as well. 

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  • You can also run a report from the "Reports > Access Policy" section.

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